Haulmaster Grain Cart

Make the most of your harvesting window

Spend more time on the field with the Haulmaster grain cart that keeps you going in the toughest conditions.


Largest Inline Tandem Grain Cart in the Industry
This grain cart can conquer any terrain effortlessly, thanks to its four massive 1250 tires, which provide a total footprint of 5,925 in2. Not only does it minimize ground disturbance, but it also maintains exceptional manoeuvrability. With the standard Steerlock feature, you'll have complete control over the steerable tires, all while ensuring minimal soil compaction. Plus, the maintenance-free bushings eliminate over 40 grease points, allowing you to focus on what matters: getting the job done.

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rIGHT hAND unload aUGER


Make your Haulmaster grain cart operator comfortable during harvest season. Choosing a right hand dual auger improves the operator's unload experience by unloading to the right hand side where all the in cab controls are located.

Simplified controls & data Management

Get back to your harvester faster

Haulmaster CONNECT and PRO provide you with a seamless and intuitive scale and hydraulic control system. CONNECT provides you with live weights and detailed load tracking, while PRO removes the need for hydraulic controls and implements a joystick control and unlocks automated features like our double tap to fold/unfold and auto gate close.

eliminate the need for belts and chains


The Haulmaster PowerMaster Direct Drive Gearbox eliminates the need for belts and chains on the grain cart, decreasing the cart's height, while harnessing your horsepower more effectively and increasing your unloading capacity.

Latest Updates

Grain Cart Technology


Haulmaster CONNECT is a simplified, grain cart-focused, hub and brain of all electronic features. It features a controller on the cart that connects the scales, GPS and optional Haulmaster PRO to the operator using the supplied tablet. Haulmaster CONNECT provides you with live weights, GPS, and detailed load tracking so you know exactly how much is coming off the field and into your bins.
Settings and data stored on the controller, reducing liability in the event of tablet failure
Direct connection co scales for accurate reading and scale diagnostics
Detailed load tracking (crop, field, truck, bin)
No battery required
GPS load taggings
Multiple tablet connections (cart, truck, combine)
Export load data to email
Includes tablet, window mount and charger for a turnkey solution
Haulmaster Connect Package


Haulmaster PRO was developed with the vision of allowing the operator to maximize their unload experience without overcomplicating the design. The more efficient the operator is at unloading, the quicker they can get to the next combine.
Industry-leading adaptive auger fold/unfold speed
Double tap to fold/unfold auger
Joystick with proportional spout control
4-Way Spout
Auto spout return to center on auger fold
Auto gate glose at 3MPH, reducing liability of leaving gate open
Auto gate close at predefined truck weight
Simple connection with 1 hydraulic input and 7-pin plug power
Includes Haulmaster CONNECT
Haulmaster Pro Joystick diagram
I have not had a semi waiting in the field to be loaded all harvest. Because the 1700 can carry more than a trailer load, I can fill them quickly in one shot and get them moving to the elevator or mill.

James Campbell

Clearbell farms llc, Maryland

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Choose the right Grain Cart Undercarriage For you

Haulmaster grain cart render on 1250 tires

Single Tires

Single Tires provide a smoother ride on hard surfaces such as roads and require less maintenance because there are fewer moving parts than other types of axles.
Haulmaster grain cart render on row crop tandem tires

Row Crop Tandem

The Row Crop Tandem has a walking motion that provides a smoother ride over pivot tracks and other uneven terrains with minimal row disturbance.
1300 inline tandem Haulmaster grain cart render

Inline Tandem

The Inline Tandem with SteerLock keeps all four wheels on the ground and turns in unison with the tractor, maximizing your footprint and increasing flotation.
haulmaster grain cart render on tracks


Tracks increase your footprint, which allows the cart to carry larger loads and pull easier when loaded. Tracks also increase flotation, protecting your soil.

Specs & Options

Haulmaster 1100

Your preferred Haulmaster grain cart size will depend on countless variables that include truck capacity, harvester capacity, surge capacity and distance to elevator or bin yard to name a few of the variables that should go into making that decision.
A farming equipment 3D render of the Elmer's Haulmaster 1100 Grain Cart with single tires


12’ 2”
Overall Length

32’ 3”

Tank Length

22’ 8”

Loading Side Height

10’ 2"

Transport Height

11’ 4”

Auger Max Height

14’ 9”

Auger Max Reach


Ground Clearance (Standard Undercarriage)

1’ 6”

Empty Weight w/ Large Tracks

30,800 lbs

Empty Weight w/ 36" Transfer Tracks

28,900 lbs

Empty Weight w/ Tires & Wheels (1250 Tires)

22,400 lbs

Empty Weight w/ Row Crop Tandem (520 Tires)

25,200 lbs

Empty Weight w/ Steerable Inline Tandem

26,700 lbs

Tongue Weight

4,000 lbs

Unloading Auger


Horizontal Auger


Hydraulic Remotes 3

Required Tractor HP (KW)

250 (190)

IF 1250/50R32 CFO 




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