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At Elmer's we create solutions to make the farmer more capable, productive and profitable. Because we own and operate our own farm, we understand what farmers need and want out of our farming equiment and our company.

Farming Equipment That’s

Supplied to Farmers worldwide.

Elmer's farming equipment is supplied through our dealer network to farmers in Canada, USA, Ukraine, South Africa and Australia. Take a look at Elmer's dealers near you, or contact us directly with any sales queries you my have. We'd love to hear from you and keep an eye out for our upcoming demo programs.

Elmer's Farming Equipment in action

Why Choose ELMER’S Manufacturing?

Elmer's Manufacturing safety values icon

Safe workplace & Farming Equipment

We recognize that getting home safe at the end of the day to your family everyday is the top priority for both our employees and farmers that we serve.
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Using our Skills & Experience to create great Products

Being farmers ourselves and our dedication to improving our products and processes continue to drive our team.
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Committed to Uphold our Brand & Word

Our word means everything, it reflects our dedication to reliability, integrity and supporting our customers.
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Committed to Continuous improvement

We understand that our farming products and processes need to continually evolve to meet the needs of today's farmers.
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Solutions & Support

Backed by world-class support, our team is dedicated to keeping you running during the busiest seasons of the year.
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Helping each other succeed

Our belief is that together, we can build a community where the success of every person – from our team to the farmers we serve – contributes to help feed the world.
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Prioritizing Relationships

Our relationships with farmers and suppliers have allowed us to navigate challenges, share insights and develop the product and business we have today.
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Cutting Edge Technology

We believe that technology should allow today's farmers to operate with more features and functionality while making the farming equipment easier to use.

request a demo to see if our products are right for you

We bring our farming equipment directly to your door so that you can get a hands-on demonstration of our products in your own environment.

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