V12 Important Notice
Once upgrading to Haulmaster Connect V12, you cannot downgrade to previous versions. Please ensure all connected devices have 11 or higher.

Version 12 New Features

Haulmaster CONNECT cloud

Haulmaster CONNECT cloud users will now be able to Sync their cart information with the cloud and have it accessible on a web browser where they can see cumulative data from multiple carts. Users will now also be able to back up farm information and save cart parameters online. https://hmcloud.elmersmfg.com/

Updating the App & Controller - Android

Update App from Version 10.5 or higher

Updating the App & Controller - iOS

Haulmaster Connect Key Features

Haulmaster Pro Key Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Beta Links

Warning Beta Links are for users trialling our prototype products and should not be used for production grain carts.