Inline Tandem 1700 & 2000 Haulmaster

Haulmaster grain cart unloading grain into a truck during harvest

Elmer’s Manufacturing works with farmers & harvesters in the fields, identifying the needs of today’s producers. In 2020 Elmer’s was proud to announce the in-line tandem undercarriages to the, 1100, 1300, and 1500 models. We are proud to announce the addition of the in-line tandem undercarriage option for the 1700 and 2000 model Haulmaster Grain Cart. 

The Inline Tandem with SteerLock meets the needs of the broadacre farmers in the Dakotas, Montana, Western Canada, and Australia. The tandems keep all four wheels on the ground and turn in unison with the tractor maximizing your footprint and increasing flotation.  

Modernize harvesting with Haulmaster Connect

Benefits of the inline tandem undercarriage include:

  • Allows for a smooth ride due to the natural suspension and shock damping of tires. 
  • Low Maintenance – not to mention, it has no regular grease points on the undercarriage and has only grease hubs. 
  • Is a low-cost option compared to tracks.  
  • 2 Tire Brake Option is available for uneven terrain. 
  • Minimizes soil compaction and soil disturbance due to large footprint 
  • 1700 carts come standard with 900/60R32 (4807sq in of ground contact) and optional 1050/50R32 tires (5598 sq in of ground contact) 
  • 2000 carts come standard with 1050/50R32 tires (5598 sq in of ground contact) 

For simplified reversing and turning, Elmer’s released the industry-first SteerLock system that automatically engages at high speeds or when travelling in reverse, intelligently locking the steering to increase stability and ease of use.  

Benefits of SteerLock include: 

  • No operator input to lock and unlock steering – done automatically based on the direction of cart travel (forward/reverse). 
  • Safety – steering automatically locks at high speed (threshold set by the operator in the app) to increase stability at high speeds. 
  • 20-degree steering angle range is ideal for turning in tight spaces. 

Elmer’s Manufacturing continues to add additional options to its products increasing versatility and allowing producers to build their ideal grain cart. With features like the PowerMaster direct-drive gearbox, bolt-together design, fully welded undercarriages and Haulmaster Connect & Pro revolutionizing crop data management, Elmer’s Haulmaster grain carts are the product of on-field research, testing, and feedback, here to maximize your harvest.  

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