Crop Master

Your harvest specialist for a clean crop in the bin

Elmer's no longer manufacturers this product but if you are looking for a used unit or need help getting parts or service contact our Support team!

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9 bar pick up

The 9 bar Pick-Up gently lifts and conveys your swath to minimize shatter in crops such as canola and edible beans. In uneven terrain, the torsion flex system follows the ground to pick up all the crop.

26" floating auger

The tough 26" floating auger and 5" flighting delivers smoother higher volume feeding for today's largest combines.

fall out production

Available with steel or poly fingers. Our unique steel finger retainer system prevents damage to header floor and combine internals.

Not just for beans! Harvest peas, grain and canola with the same pickup/header combination. Just replace floor screens with optional solid floor for smaller crops


Fits on all makes of combines


floor screens clean dirt off the crop before it enters your combine

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Mount Elmer's Pick-up with no hassle

Specs & Options

Adapters to fit most combine makes and models

Model Sizes

Available in 14', 22' and 30' Widths

45 Years Of

Modern farming demands high quality & innovative equipment

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