2024 Haulmaster Updates

For the 2024 Haulmaster Updates, our Manufacturing Engineering team responded to valuable feedback. Our latest enhancements to the Haulmaster aim to elevate functionality and user experience while increasing longevity and reliability. These are the updates on the 2024 Haulmaster:

Auger Flighting – Retrofittable

  • Added gussets and welded couplers for increased strength.

Color-coded steel hydraulic grips

  • The colour-coded hydraulic grips are easier to grab and make identifying hydraulic circuits easier, ensuring hydraulics are flowing the right way when hooking up.

Updated Shovel Holder Mounting Bracket

  • The updated design allows for easier removal and storage.

Lower Auger Linkage – Retrofit Kit Available

  • Added a bushing to the auger pivoting cylinder linkage to reduce wear on the pins & weldment.

We continue to update products as they roll out through the production run. Some of these changes that will happen during the 2024 model year run will include but are not limited to:

  • New CONNECT Tablet – Retrofittable
    • Faster syncing, more responsive and quicker downloads
  • Updated CONNECT App (To keep up with the most recent updates and features, we recommend updating before each harvest.)
    • Rewritten app to stay current with the latest Android and iOS versions, improving security, functionality and user experience while adding additional features like:
      • An audible alarm to alert the operator when the auger is unfolded.
      • Cart weight balance indicator.

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