Wolverine Ditcher Updates


For the first release of the Wolverine Ditcher, Elmer’s has focused on improving design quality, maintenance and beefing up areas of potential failure. Here are the points that have been updated:

  1. Improved Chain Case Design – Upgrade Available
    1. Improved to a split case design to allow the bottom chain case (and all the chain oil) to remain intact for driveline maintenance.
    2. Better build design allowing for higher quality welds and overall strength improvements.
    3. Relocated Grease Zerk to external Position for easier maintenance and reduced contamination to chain case oil
  2. Split Hub for Ditcher Fan – Able to retrofit, Ask for details
    1. Changed from a pressed hub to split hub for quicker maintenance.
    2. Precision machined and heavier duty material for better durability
  3. Shear Bolt Break Away Fan Paddles – Able to retrofit, Ask for Details
    1. Changed from folding paddles, which still left a lip on the fan, to shear bolts allowing the panel to swing away for a more consistent action and quicker resetting in the event of contact with a large object.
    2. Shear bolt is a standard Grade 5 – ½ x 2 ¾ bolt available in most hardware stores.
    3. Easily Replaceable Hardened Bushings on Paddles to Protect Flywheel
  4. Upgraded Chute Design – Not recommended for Retrofit
    1. Redesigned to improve performance for terracing or windrowing the dirt, long-term durability and easier serviceability
    2. Eliminated grease points on the chute with new larger and externally removable bushings
    3. Changed from one cylinder to dual cylinder for stronger and smoother operation.
    4. New gate guide reduces dirt build up resulting in smoother travel when changing directions.
    5. Chute Deflector on the left side to improve accuracy when moving dirt close to the machine. 
  5. Added PTO Shaft Loops and Improved Shield Clamp – Upgrade Available
    1. Improves safety and contains driveline in the event of failure.
    2. Better design for easier maintenance.
  6. Relocated vertical cutting edges from outside to inside. – Upgrade Available.
    1. Prevents hair pinning of residue
    2. Improves material flow
  7. Built-in Rear Bearing Puller
    1. Access holes now included in design allowing a bearing puller to be used easily.
  8. Floatation Tires – Upgrade available
    1. 550/45/22.5 Tires
  9. Removed “The” and “Extreme” from the product name, adjusted and cleaned up logo. 


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