Warranty Policy

Elmer’s Mfg. warrants against defects in construction or materials for a period of ONE year. We reserve the right to inspect and decide whether material or construction was faulty or whether abuse or accident voids our guarantee.

Warranty service must be performed by a dealer or service center authorized by Elmer’s Mfg. to sell and/or service the type of product involved, which will use only new or remanufactured parts or components furnished by Elmer’s Mfg. Warranty service will be performed without charge to the purchaser for parts or labor based on the Warranty Labor Times schedule. Under no circumstance will allowable labor times extend beyond the maximum hours indicated in the Warranty Labor Times schedule for each warranty procedure. The purchaser will be responsible, however, for any service call and/or transportation of the product to and from the dealer or service center’s place of business, for any premium charged for overtime labor requested by the purchaser, and for any service and/or maintenance not directly related to any defect covered under the warranty. Costs associated with equipment rental, product down time, or product disposal are not warrantable and will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Each warranty term begins on the date of product delivery to the purchaser. Under no circumstance will warranty be approved unless (i) the product warranty registration card (attached to the inside of the Operator’s Manual) has been properly completed and submitted to the equipment manufacturer, and (ii) a warranty authorization number has been issued by the equipment manufacturer. This Warranty is effective only if the warranty registration card is returned within 30 days of purchase. Please note that some countries require these warranty cards to be filled out to prove machine is in fact in the warranty period in order to allow us to perform any warranty work.In the case the grain cart is shipped less wheels or tires, Elmer’s Mfg is not responsible for any damages that have occurs due to installation of wheels not supplied by Elmer’s Mfg.

This warranty does not cover a component which fails, malfunctions or is damaged as a result of (i) improper modification or repair, (ii) accident, abuse or improper use, (iii) improper or insufficient maintenance, or (iv) normal wear or tear. Regarding tracks specifically, wear on guide lugs is inevitable and therefore is not considered for warranty. This is a maintenance item that needs to be checked regularly by the operator. This warranty does not cover products that are previously owned and extends solely to the original purchaser of the product. Should the original purchaser sell or otherwise transfer this product to a third party, thisWarranty does not transfer to the third party purchaser in any way. Elmer’s Mfg. makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to tires or other parts or accessories not manufactured by Elmer’s Mfg. Warranties for these items, if any, are provided separately by their respective manufacturers.


In no event shall Elmer’s Mfg. be liable for special, direct, incidental or consequential damages of any kind. The exclusive remedy under this Warranty shall be repair or replacement of the defective component at Elmer’s Mfg’s option. This is the entire agreement between Elmer’s Mfg. and the Owner about warranty and no Elmer’s Mfg. employee or dealer is authorized to make any additional warranty on behalf of Elmer’s Mfg. The manufacturer reserves the right to make product design and material changes at any time without notice.They shall not incur any obligation or liability to incorporate such changes and improvements in products previously sold to any customer, nor shall they be obligated or liable for the replacement of previously sold products with products or parts incorporating such changes. Contact your local Elmer’s MFG dealer for any warranty assistance.

Warranty claims will be denied if the Warranty Registration has not been completed.