Upgraded Hub and Spindle



Why was the hub and spindle redesigned?
From our research and feedback from our customers, we found that the hub and spindle could be improved upon for long term durability. Excessive maintenance requirements of greasing reduces the longevity of the track wheel hubs. Seeing the oil bath design implemented on some tractors, we believe that it was a great feature to have to save the farmer time from their daily maintenance tasks. As the farmers are continually pushing their equipment harder, we also thought we should ensure we keep up with their pace by building something stronger.

Can I Upgrade My Existing Hub and Spindle?
Yes, nearly all HaulMaster and Transfer Track models are available for the “HDO (Heavy-Duty Oil) Hub” Upgrade. Please contact your Dealer for more information.

Will the Bogie Wheels also get upgraded?
Yes, the bogie wheels will receive a similar upgrade including the oil bath design.

1. Cassette Seal – Keeps Oil In and Elements Out
A brand new Labyrinth Cassette Seal ensures the hub is properly protected from the elements. The seal has a 7 lip labyrinth design which means dirt and dust not only has to find its way through 7 stops, but it also has to navigate a bit of a maze to get there.

2. Clear Sight Glass – Quick & Easy Visual Inspection

With the oil bath design all you need to do is look at the front of your hub to ensure there is enough oil. We included this feature to save the farmer significant time during their morning maintenance routine.

3. Stemco ESP Plug – Superior Ventilation & Protection
The Stemco Extended Service Plug is an awesome tool that provides a filtering system to eliminate contamination of lubricant from grime, dirt or water. The plug allows the hub to relieve pressure as needed when heating up during working hours in the safest way which prolongs the life of the oil by using an intricate ventilation system to prevent the elements from contaminating the oil in the hub.

4.Large NTN Bower Bearings – North American
These large high quality bearings adapts to the new design to increase the overall strength and longevity of the hub and spindle. The bearings used in the hub were chosen for their high load ratings and commonality amongst the trucking industry.

5.Heavier 4140 Spindle and Symmetrical Design
There is no time to slow down during the harvest and your equipment needs to keep up to the demand of your harvest operation. The heavier spindle increase the load capacity of the track system so it can keep up with farmers growing needs and extreme environments. The symmetrical design provides even more strength by eliminating a potential single point of failure by dispersing weight evenly between the two massive taper roller bearings.

6.Custom Heavy Duty Castings
With a New Hub and Spindle Design, a new casting design was needed. We beefed up the casting to ensure it could keep up with the increased load capacity and to accommodate all the low maintenance additions of the Cassette seal and clear dust cap.


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