Super 7

SUper 7 PRO

The PRO option for the Super 7 Harrow adds a level of automation and control to the harrow that has not been seen before. The PRO hydraulic manifold and controller provide several new features, which can be accessed through a tablet or ISOBUS interface.

Fold & Unfold Automation

Spend more time harrowing and less time setting up

Fold up/down sections between transport and field modes through the tablet, not requiring input to the hydraulics.

advanced field controls

easy controls to reduce operator error

Create and store up to fifty presets. Each preset can have a custom setting for your ideal field finish or create quick actions for dumping straw and lighter cornering on headlands.

steerable wheels

No field approach or entrance too small

Control the wheels together to steer backwards into your shop, through any field approach or around any obstacles with ease. 

Super 7 PRO
Key Features


Visual Harrow adjustments

Moving the adjustments to the cab of the tractor allows you to fine tune your harrow, creating the ideal seed bed for your crop.

Fold & Unfold automation

The harrow will auto latch, phase and fold down sections when entering or exiting field mode without operator input to the hydraulics.
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Tablet or Isobus interface

The electronic controller is easy to read and compensates for for any setting drift ensuring your field finish remains consistent.

Field controls

Create and store up to fifty presets. With each preset, regardless of operator experience level can choose the right setting for the job.

steerable wheels

Improve your maneuverability. Control the wheels together to guide the harrow around obstacles and though field approaches with ease.

Always operational

Equipped with hydraulic overrides for each valve so in the event of electrical failure the harrow can still be operational and adjustable.

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