Spring Harrowing


Should I Harrow in the spring? Spring harrowing is an important part of many operations, whether integrating fertilizer, managing residue, or drying out the topsoil to get onto the field faster. Harrowing serves many purposes in spring for both tillage and minimal till operations. Harrowing allows for seedbed preparation by integrating fertilizer, breaking up clumps, scarifying the soil to allow for better moisture penetration and aerating the ground to stimulate growth


Seedbed prep is a crucial part of the seeding process and can increase germination and allows for better yields come harvest. In addition, some benefits of harrowing in spring include:

  • Break apart clumps of dirt, therefore levelling mole/gopher holes for a more level field. 
  • Depending on the soil type, spring harrowing dries out the top of the soil, therefore allowing the seeder/planter to get onto the field sooner. 
  • Stimulate early season growth by aerating, warming the soil and increasing moisture penetration. 
  • Evenly distribute piles of organic material in the spring.
  • Seedbed firming, reducing furrows, allowing for improved depth consistency when seeding.
Elmer's Super 7 Harrow scarifying the soil to allow the seeder or planter to get onto the field sooner.


Harrowing behind a liquid or granular chemical/nutrient application will evenly distribute and integrate the chemicals and nutrients, maximizing your investment. In addition, other pros of harrowing after a chemical or nutrient application include:

  • Integrate chemicals up to 2 inches into the soil
  • Increasing soil contact
  • Reduce chemical/nutrient burn-off

The Elmer’s Super 7 Harrow has 7 bars, 3 Dimensions of adjustability, and solid pull arms because this allows the harrow to run at different depths without compromising the field finish. The solid pull arms allow for increased maneuverability and the ability to reverse out of an undesirable situation. The down pressure, tine angle and section angle adjustments allow you to find the perfect balance of soil penetration and field finish maximizing your seedbed and chemicals/nutrients.

Maximize your seedbed this spring!

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