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Get your field drainage done 2 times faster with the Wolverine Ditcher

A local Red River Valley farmer is saving time, money and reducing field compaction on their quarter section where it would normally take over 4 days with a scraper, they do it in under 2 days with the Wolverine ditcher. The Elmer’s Wolverine Ditcher has taken the best parts of a scraper and a rotary ditcher and combined them, saving the time of constantly entering and exiting drains while offering even soil distribution and smooth drainage transitions.

The Wolverine Ditcher has a 62” flat bottom cutting blade to provide smooth ditches and left and right tilt to get the optimum angle that is needed for drains. It has left or right discharge and the ability to throw dirt 150 feet, so there is no need to enter and exit the drain to unload dirt and no need to worry about the large and potentially damaging ruts that are often left behind by rotary ditchers.

Wolverine vs Scraper

The Wolverine provides smooth tapered cuts like a scraper but without the need to leave the ditch to unload dirt and having to integrate that soil into the field, achieving much quicker results and offering far less field compaction, a customer explained that they can now put in drainage on a fresh quarter in 2 days compared to 4 plus days with a scraper. It has a kicker shaft to break up large clumps of dirt for better and more even distribution when encountering a large stone or an overwhelming amount of soil there is an auto clutch that engages when the kicker shaft encounters a large or overwhelming object protecting the rest of the machine. If a large stone makes it past the auto clutch there are breakaway paddles to prevent the rock from going through the machine and causing further damage.

Wolverine vs Rotary Ditcher

With the tapered slope, more farmable land will be created that is easier on equipment and can hold twice as much water volume as a rotary ditcher making it the ideal water management tool. It has adjustable left or right tilt on the machine, giving the ability to fully control the angle and depth of the cuts, where most traditional rotary ditchers have a set angle at which it cuts. It has the capacity to throw soil 150 ft and able to discharge on either side of the machine to eliminate the need to integrate the soil into the field later. With the 62” wide flat bottom cutting edge, it gives the ability to move over 2x as more soil than with a 36” rotary ditcher, a farmer was quoted as saying, “The Wolverine is the most efficient ditcher on the market right now.”

Wolverine & Drainage

With GPS mapping compatibility to maximize draining potential by finding the natural highs and lows of the field and using those points to create more effective ditches. A recent customer said, “We have noticed better water movement with the Wolverine and that our soil health has been improving since we have been using it.” With more effective drainage there will be an increase in soil oxygen levels, a reduction or elimination in alkaline or clay-like soils and fields will be drier to help lessen the effects of compaction. With large flotation tires, the Wolverine can work in any condition whether it is the wet and slippery conditions of spring and fall or the dry soil of mid-summer, it can handle it all.

The Wolverine is a great machine for any terrain, with the features on the machine, rocks won’t be able to go through it and cause more damage. Being the 2-in-1 machine that it is, it uses the best features of a rotary ditcher and a scraper and puts them into “The most efficient machine on the market right now.”

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