Seasonal Track Maintenance Checklist


Tracks on implements are becoming a popular option for producers. Tracks offer reduced compaction and pulling resistance, resulting in better seedbeds, yields and fuel savings. Elmer’s has developed and tested their Transfer Track which can be swapped between air carts in spring and grain carts in fall, and the LT378 track exclusive to the large capacity grain carts. Before completing any maintenance on tracks consult the operator’s manual to ensure proper track maintenance.

Track Alignment

A proper track alignment ensures that the tracks are aligned true to the grain cart or other implement, reducing pre-mature track wear. Elmer’s large tracks have turnbuckles located on the backside of the tracks. Further, the turnbuckles serve a couple of purposes. They assist in aligning the track and work with the front idler to reduce track mount stress.

  • Inspect the turnbuckles ensuring they are tight and that all components are in good working order.
  • Inspect the inner guide lugs on the track for excessive wear. In other words, if one side of the guide lugs has extra wear and the other does not complete a track alignment.
Turnbuckle Adjustment 

Hub Inspection

Includes checking bearings and oil bath levels. Elmer’s has the largest hubs, spindles and bearings in the industry to provide a long-lasting track and reduced potential downtime. The mid-rollers on Elmer’s tracks are 16” in diameter. In comparison, the industry standard of 12-inch to 14-inch diameters. As a result, Elmer’s tracks have up to 25% fewer revolutions than the competitor and consequently result in extended bearing life. Our inner and outer hub bearings are the same size for better load distribution and ease of maintenance. Using the sight glass ensures each hub has the recommended oil level and that the oil is clean and free of contaminants such as metal shavings, dirt or water.

Pivot Points

Check all pivot points located at each mid roller attachment point to the track frame and where the track mounts to the grain cart axle. Elmer’s utilizes low-maintenance components with few grease points, reducing maintenance time. To check the mid roller pivoting range, forward/backwards and side-to-side, the grain cart can be jacked-up by the axle. If there is excessive side-to-side wear seen on the mid-rollers when pivoting, replace the bushings, and if not, grease all pivot points.

Oil Bath Hubs/Greased Pivot Points 

Track Tension

Maintaining proper track tension is crucial as this reduces wear on the belt, keeps the tracks aligned and reduces compaction. To clarify, by distributing the weight throughout the track belt that is contacting the ground. The tracks create a smaller footprint on the soil, reducing compaction.

Elmer’s offers a user-friendly track tensioning system with easy adjustment and an accumulator to maintain track tension. Track tension is visible on the pressure gauge located on the cart. Consult the operator’s manual for specific directions on how to adjust the track tension.

Bolt inspection

Check torques of all mounting bolts according to manufacturer specifications. Pay particular attention to all lug nuts on the wheels & the bolts mounting the tracks to the grain cart.

Track Belt Inspection

Elmer’s uses a low lug profile design that maximizes surface area contact with the ground and optimal weight distribution. For example, The shallow lug design reduces soil disturbance such as berming when cornering, especially while under load. Visually inspect the track belt, looking for cuts or tears that could compromise the track.


In conclusion, tracks are an important piece of equipment that allows for reduced compaction, pulling resistance and fuel consumption. In addition, the smaller footprint allows for a better seedbed, potentially resulting in higher yields. Consult the operator’s manual for any track maintenance. With proper track maintenance, you can expect many years of service from your track system.

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