Ravage Bale Processor in the Feedlot


At Elmer’s Manufacturing we pride ourselves in making products based on what the farmer needs to maximize productivity. After some consultation with cattle and dairy farmers, we’re proud to announce our new product the Ravage Bale Processor. We made sure that the origins and thought process behind building the Ravage was that it would meet the needs of our customers.

We talked to farmers about what some of the things that they wanted to see and some of the needs that have not been met by other processors such as having a heavy-duty live floor, being able to hold multiples of bales, adjustable upper beater, directional chute and better bale and loading visibility. With the heavy-duty live floor and industry-leading bale and loading visibility, you have ultimate control over the bale to increase speed and efficiency of bedding and bunking for your cattle.

When asked, one customer who supplies bedding for eight feedlots and has the capacity for 150,000 head of cattle said;

  • “the way that it shreds square bales with having the narrow end going into the rotor is the only right way of doing it”
  • “we can shred up to four bales in 42 seconds, with the Ravage and we have done up to 400 bales in a day”
  • “I really liked the live floor and how overkill the construction and quality of it is, other products live floors don’t compare”

The Ravage Bale Processor has the capacity to hold three square bales or two round bales at any given time, with being able to hold multiples of each bale you will increase your bale processing productivity while you are shredding bedding or bunk for your cattle.

Everything about the Ravage was designed to increase your bale processing productivity, wether that be the ease of servicing the machine, the adjustable upper beater, adjustable/removable aggression bars or being able to shred all types of bales without the processor skipping a beat.

To learn more about the Ravage Bale Processor go to http://elmersmfg.com/ravage-bale-processor/

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