Ravage Bale Processor 2021 Updates


For the 2021 Ravage Bale Processor release, we have focused on gathering and implementing customer feedback to improve longevity and bale processing consistency. Some of the suggestions we received include, improving flail design to reduce downtime and increase shredding capacity; Hydraulic relief valve on the upper beater motor to reduce pressure spikes when loading or aggressively feeding difficult bales, and beefing up components for increased durability. For more information on the 2021 Ravage Updates:

Aggression Control Shaft Supports – Retrofit Available (Drilling Required)

Three bolt-on supports have been added to prevent deflection of the aggression control shaft under heavy loading of the aggression bars. This improves feeding consistency across the shredding drum.

The aggression control shaft supports allow for improved shredding consistency.
Aggression Control Shaft Supports

One Piece Forged Flails & Enlarged Hardware – Flail Retrofit Available

Upgraded the welded flails in favour of heavier, one-piece forged flails. These hard, alloyed flails pair with a pressed in, oiled brass bushing and run on 1” bolts for maximum life.

One piece forged flails increase bale processing efficiency and flail durability.
One Piece Forged Flails

Hydraulic Relief Valve for Upper Beater Motor – Retrofit Available (Drilling Required)

We’ve now added a hydraulic relief valve that allows oil to bypass the motor, preventing overloading of the hydraulic motor and increasing longevity. Overloading can happen when the bale loads the Beater Bar in the opposite direction from the direction it’s turning or when there is no hydraulic flow to the motor.

The hydraulic relief valve allows for the upper beater motor to not burn out when encountering a difficult bale.
Upper Beater Bar Hydraulic Relief Valve

Fork Pivot Plate – Retrofit Available

The fork pivot plate has been changed to allow the forks to fall with the bale, but also return to their original position upon being lowered back to the ground. This helps prevent bales from being hung up if the forks are hooked under twine. The forks can also be locked in position by simply adding bolts through the rear of the pivot plates.

The improved fork pivot plates allow for easier bale loading and transport.
Fork Pivot Plate

Bolt on Twine Guards – No Retrofit Available

These bolt-on twine guards replace the weld-on twine guards used previously and feature an additional lip to further reduce the amount of twine getting to the bearing. Their bolt on nature also allows them to be removed to clean out any twine that does get past the lip, increasing the life of the bearing.

The bolt on twine guards reduced the amount of twine getting to the bearing.
Bolt on Twine Guards

3 or 4 Hydraulic Circuit Option Now Available from Factory – Conversion Kits Available

3-Hydraulic Circuit option

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