Power Tracks

giving you more flexibility and power during those tough environments

Elmer's no longer manufacturers this product but if you are looking for a used unit or need help getting parts or service contact our Support team!

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The brain

  • Forward/Neutral/Reverse Option
  • Activate or Deactivate Auger
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Automatic Shutoff

the heart

  • PTO Driven – Hydrostatic Pump
  • Up To 117 GPM and 6000psi
  • Three-Way Gearbox for simultaneous Auger/Track Usage

the muscle

  • Hydraulic Motors Integrated into Rear Hubs
  • Max Assited Speed of 8MPH
  • Automatic Free-Wheel When Inactive
  • Designed for Hydrostatic Assist

Why Power Tracks?

Elmers Power Tracks are a great addition to the Haul Master giving you more flexibility and power during those tough environments. It’s designed to be a hydrostatic assist during applications where traction is an issue. The system is powered by electronically controlled axial pump that is capable of transmitting up to 117 gallons per minute of flow and operates at 6000 PSI which is a vastly greater output compared to today’s tractors.
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