Available in Liquid and Anhydrous Options

Liquid available in 3250, 4250, 4800 and 6500 US Gallon Sizes

Why Is The Nutri Master So Great?

The Nutri Master Liquid or Anhydrous Fertilizer Caddy maximizes your on-field production by giving you you the capacity to stay on the field longer while reducing compaction and soil disturbance.

Fertilizer Liquid Caddy

Large Capacity

With the capability of holding 6500 US Gallons or 2 Anhydrous Tanks, the Nutri Master Caddy reduces down time.

Fertilizer Anhydrous Caddy

Excellent Floatation

Having large tracks allows the weight to be distributed over a wider surface area which results in less compaction.

Tracked Fertilizer Caddy

Transfer Track Undercarriage

The exclusive Transfer Track system gives you the benefit of removing the tracks to use on other machinery.

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Customizable To Your Needs

Tow Between or
Tow Behind

Anhydrous or Liquid Fertilizer

3250, 4250, 4800 or 6500 US Gallon