New Redesigned Solid Pull Super 7 Harrow


The 2022 Super 7 Harrow is now equipped with solid pull arms and Secure Lock, a custom hydraulic locking system, to increase the harrows capabilities and safety. Both the 70’ and 90’ Super 7 Harrow models will get the rigid pull-bar design. The redesigned pull system is in response to direct customer feedback and extensive field testing with consumers. Elmer’s continues to prioritize customer feedback as the key to its innovation.  

Why Solid Pull Arms? 

The Solid Pull Arms create a solid connection between the wings and hitch allowing, for increased maneuverability. The rigid connection reduces the outer section whip when cornering and allows the operator to reverse into corners of the fields and reverse out of undesirable situations. It also eliminates the risk of harrow wings rolling forward in a light harrow application when travelling downhill. 

Super 7 Solid Pull Arms


The SecureLock Hydraulic Locking System combines a custom-designed, spring-tensioned cylinder and an interlock system, to prevent the possibility of solid pull arm unlatching during operation or with hydraulic pressure loss. 

SecureLock Latching Mechanism

Heavy Duty Construction 

 The Super 7 Harrow includes heavy-duty pull arm bars to ensure the customer sees the reliability and performance that’s expected with an Elmer’s product. The increased thickness of walls and solid pull configurations offer more stability, improved maneuverability, and less downtime. 

Same Great Features 

The 2022 Super 7 has the same excellent features as past models, including the 7-bar design and Three dimensions of adjustability. Elmer’s only offers a 7-bar configuration and is equipped with either the standard ½ inch tines or optional chrome tip tines. The 7-bar design creates up to 40% more harrowing action compared to 5 bar harrows. The 3 Dimensions of adjustability adapt to the needs of your field. The 40-90 degrees of tine angle adjustment allows for more or less harrowing, 10 inches of vertical down pressure for how much pressure onto the field and section angle control for ideal residue and seedbed management. 

Functions of a Harrow 

The Super 7 can handle all jobs, from seedbed preparation to fertilizer integration and residue management.  

  • Seedbed preparation, brought out in springtime to help break up any additional residue or dirt clumps, smoothing out the surface allowing for ideal seed placement.  
  • Fertilizer integration, for granular applications, the aggressive whipping action integrates it into the soil and optimizes the fertilizer placement for the seed.  
  • Residue Management, the harrow catches the residue when travelling through the field and evenly distributes the residue, allowing for faster decomposing and breaks up any clumps. 

Elmer’s is excited for the 2022 release of the Super 7 harrow, now equipped with solid pull arms on the 70 and 90-foot models.

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