Elmer’s Manufacturing Releases Midwest Edition & Tandem Axle Undercarriages


Elmer’s Manufacturing has been working directly in the field with farmers & harvesters, identifying the needs of today’s progressive farmers. The most noted feedback was to create a lower grain cart with a variety of undercarriages to satisfy various local needs and preferences. In 2020 Elmer’s added a Midwest Edition (MWE) grain cart that lowered the loading and transport heights by an additional 7”, a Row Crop Tandem with four selectable wheel spacings, and an Inline Tandem with Steerlock that meets the needs of the broadacre farmers in the Dakotas, Montana, and Western Canada by minimizing soil compaction and soil disturbance.

Midwest Edition Haulmaster

The MWE was created for the hills, terraces and uneven ground of the Midwest while allowing farmers to continue harvesting in those hills without interruption. Elmer’s has lowered the Haulmaster 7 inches and widened it by 15 inches, making it the lowest grain cart at its capacity, giving farmers the confidence needed to unload in even some of the most uneven terrain. The Midwest Edition is available on 1250 & 1400 Flotation Tires, Row Crop Tandems, Inline Tandems with SteerLock, Transfer Tracks or on Large Tracks.

Elmer’sCompetitor 1Competitor 2
1300 MWE
10′ 5″

Row Crop Tandem Axle

The Row Crop tandem axle allows for walking motion over pivot tracks and other uneven terrains, providing a smoother ride while offering four adjustable spacings options of 90”, 95.5”, 108”, 116”, allowing for added stability and adjustability to best suit their needs. Some additional benefits of the row crop tandem axle include:

  • Dual 520/85R42 tires for more flotation with minimal stubble disturbance
  • Narrower trailer transport
  • Lower trailer transport

Available on: 1100 – 1300 – 1300 Midwest Edition

Inline Tandem Axle

The inline tandem undercarriage turns in unison with the tractor for enhanced mobility and control while minimizing soil disturbance. The tandems keep all four wheels on the ground to spread the weight evenly for increased flotation and even weight distribution. For simplified reversing and turning, Elmer’s is releasing the industry-first SteerLock system, it will automatically engage at high speeds or when travelling in reverse, intelligently locking the steering to increase stability and ease of use.

Available on: 1100 – 1300– 1300 Midwest Edition

Elmer’s Haulmaster

Continuous improvement and innovation are the foundation of Elmer’s Mfg, the Midwest Edition and Tandem axle undercarriages are the latest additions to the list of exciting advances done to the Haulmaster in the past decade. With features like the PowerMaster direct-drive gearbox, bolt-together design, fully welded undercarriages and Haulmaster Connect & Pro revolutionizing crop data management, Elmer’s Haulmaster grain carts are the product of on-field research, testing, and feedback, here to maximize your harvest.

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