Haulmaster Pro Hydraulics – Fastest Grain Cart Auger Fold Times


Haulmaster Pro Maximizes Operator Efficiency Including 15 Second Auger Fold Times

The new Elmer’s Haulmaster Pro option introduces new features that help the operator maximize their unloading efficiency saving the farm time and money on the field. Haulmaster Pro is a feature that controls the Hydraulic functions of the Grain Cart via a hydraulic manifold and the Haulmaster Connect controller. Features include a high-quality Joystick that gives the operator 4-way spout control with an easy to use a proportional stick and double tap to fold and unfold the auger. Pro maximizes the auger fold times up to 15 seconds by variable controlling the hydraulic flow to give the 24” auger a soft start and stop while speeding the flow up in the middle to balance speed and minimize the risk of damage.

Haulmaster Connect

Haulmaster Connect is Elmer’s new way of doing scales on grain carts, it offers all the traditional features of a scale system including the current weight, unloaded weight, crop details, crop selection and more. When paired with Pro the features expand to include PTO speed, virtual joystick controls, and multiple auto gate settings including “close by truck weight” and “close by tractor speed”.

Haulmaster Pro Joystick

The Haulmaster Pro joystick was designed with the vision to allow the operator to maximize their unloading experience while sticking with a simple design. The more efficient that the operator is at unloading, the faster they can move onto the next combine. The joystick was created with the purpose of making unloading as efficient as possible, with a comfortable handle and conveniently located buttons the operator has maximum control over the auger while being able to utilize the 1000bu/min unload speed of the Haulmaster.

Haulmaster Pro Capabilities – Maximizing Unload Efficiency

The purpose of Pro was to maximize farming potential by designing a comfortable and uncomplicated way to move farmers’ product from the combine to the truck. A custom harvested said he noticed a time savings of a minute each load he completed. The double tap feature has resulted in an industry-leading fold and unfolds speed, saving 15 seconds every fold or unfold. By increasing the fold and unfold speed between the soft start and stops results in a time savings of 30 seconds every fold or unfold. The soft start and stop reduce stress on important components which eliminate unnecessary downtime and keeps the farmer harvesting longer


Haulmaster Pro was developed to manage unload speeds that continue to pass 1000bu/min while helping the operator reduce errors. One farmer said, “I really liked the fast raise/lower on the auger and how fast and precise the spout moves!”. The joystick can move with the operator to wherever they would like to have it. The features of the auger include a 4-way spout which was designed to erase the need for the operator to drive forward and backward to evenly distribute the grain in the truck. As we will continually push improvement until we have produced the best scale and grain cart information management system on the market.

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