Haulmaster Grain Cart Model Year 2025 Changes


For the 2025 Haulmaster Updates, our Manufacturing and Software Engineering teams responded to valuable customer feedback. Our latest enhancements to the Haulmaster aim to elevate functionality and user experience while increasing longevity and reliability.

Model Year 2025 Haulmaster Grain Cart Updates:

  • Field Lighting Kit – Non-Retrofittable
    • Working with the side clearance lights, this improved field lighting kit helps the operator see the space between the combined header and undercarriage in dusk or nighttime operation.
Haulmaster Grain Cart Undercarriage Lighting option
  • New Daken Toolbox – Retrofittable
    • Increased storage space for PRO components
Haulmaster grain cart updated PRO Toolbox for Increased storage space for PRO components
  • Optional CAT 5 Hitch – Retrofittable
    • CAT 5 hitch is now available on all grain carts
Haulmaster Grain Cart optional Cat 5 hitch
  • Beacon Light Plug– Non-retrofittable
    •  This is an Australia-only addition to allow farmers to meet changing transportation regulations
  • Longer Clean Out Gate Wrench – Retrofittable
    • Allows for more leverage when opening or closing clean-out gates
  • Switch to iPad Tablet – Retrofittable
    • Improved connectivity

CONNECT 2025 Changes

  • New Interface
    • Improve the speed and functionality of the app
  • Ability to name Archives
  • Hamburger Menu
    • For easier navigation and can find all settings in one simple click
Haulmaster Connect updated hamburger menu
  • Toggleable Cart Balance Indicator
    • Optional Dashboard button to indicate where the load is in the grain cart
Haulmaster Connect app cart balance indicator
  • Toggleable Auger Auto Fold Alarm – PRO Only
    • The auger unfold alarm will sound when travelling over ~10km/h while the auger is unfolded
Haulmaster Connect app auger auto fold alarm
  • Adjustable Bin Full Warning
    • Adjustable bin full warning with a settable threshold that warns you when your current bin is full. (Default warning threshold is 20,000 BU)
Haulmaster Connect app adjustable bin full warning
  • Toggleable Truck Selection
    • Option to not clear current truck weight when selecting a new truck
Haulmaster Connect app toggleable truck selection
  • Toggleable Steerlock Control button now shows the assumed direction of travel on the dashboard.
    • The direction of travel can now change at any speed.
Haulmaster Connect app steerlock control button
  • Update the App from within the Tablet
    • New Page with user manual and update option from within the app.
Haulmaster Connect app in app update page

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