Haulmaster CONNECT V12.0.1

The primary focus of this release has been addressing communication issues experienced in the previous release and the “Read-only mode” Fault. The communication library between the App and the Cart has been upgraded and we are reducing file sizes being transferred between the app and the cart.

The Connection status bar will now always be visible and faults are clickable, giving you more info on the fault and giving you instructions on how to fix it

Please visit elmersmfg.com/connect for upgrade links and instructions.


* [HM-1163] Page for enabling/disabling controller logging
* [HM-1118] Add show password function in register and login page

* [HM-1313] Step resolution rounding now applies to all live weight values and accumulated weight values on Field, Bin, and Truck pages. Raw values are displayed on the unloads and truckloads pages.

* [HM-1401] Added dynamic truck and bin unit type labels on the dashboard
  above the truck and bin gauges

* [HM-1355]  Disabled the ability to Restore, Sync, and Sync Parameters when there is no Offline Cart selected.
  Added a message for the user when these actions are attempted with no Offline Cart selected.

* [HM-1302]  The pop-up messages for faults Controller Uninitialized, Auto Controls Disabled, Auger Unfolded, File System Failure, Pending Operations, and Load Cell Malfunction now
  have ‘take me there’ buttons that navigate directly to the related settings page

* [HM-1290] Restart controller button on Read Only mode details

* [HM-1281]  Removed accumulated totals from FarmInfo.bin 
  Unloads now update from parameter so that they show up when in read-only mode

* [HM-1271] Change MerlinSettingsParameterContainer to low priority
* [HM-1287] Execute Select and Clear Pending operations even when in Read-Only mode
* [HM-1275] Split unloads into multiple .bin files

* [HM-1223] Unified last truckload setting for the dashboard with the group unloads by truckload setting for the unloads page

* [HM-1197] Dashboard now has a truck gauge that looks like the bin gauge. You can now long press on the bin and truck gauges to set their unit types individually from the dashboard

* [HM-1207] Removed the paused state from MasterDataSyncer.

* [HM-1029] 
  Added PTO calibration page with PTO Shaft Pulses per Revolution setting
  Added Wheel Calibration page with Wheel Speed Pulses per Revolution setting and
  Wheel Radius setting

* [HM-1214] Target Android 13, change permissions from location to nearby devices

* [HM-1224] Override the unit type setting for bins and trucks individually


* [HM-918] Remove the unload rate from the diagnostics page and other relative places
* [HM-1161] Change the way CRC works to reduce the load on the file system
* [HM-1347] can’t edit the object which is not actually exist
* [HM-1348] Ssid label on the dashboard updates as soon as the app connects to the controller 
* [HM-1248] Fix duplicate id errors when cloud sync
* [HM-1235] Fixed CRC for binary files
* [HM-1296] Edits to farm objects do not take effect on the UI until after the operation is executed successfully
* [HM-1352] Fixes invalid restore points
* [HM-1351] Initialize controller function now properly updates active farm objects on the controller

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