Haulmaster CONNECT V11.1.5

It’s recommended all Haulmaster Connect users upgrade their devices and controller. Internet connection is required on the Master Tablet to download the update.

Please visit elmersmfg.com/connect for upgrade links and instructions.

The most notable new feature is our Cloud functionality. Users will now be able to Sync their cart information with the cloud and have it accessible on a web browser where they can see cumulative data from multiple carts. https://hmcloud.elmersmfg.com/

New Features with Cloud

- Farm information Backed up online. 
- View multiple carts accumulated data online. 
- Cart parameters will be stored online.

New Features

- Unload list that can be grouped by truckload.
- Loadcells can now be reversed in the app.
- Merlin addresses can be programmed.
- Unload detection can now be modified..
- Cubic meters unit available and different density units can now be used.
- Last Unload can be changed to Truckload.
- Bin fill gauge is on the dashboard.
- Angle sensor calibration can select the individual sensor you want to calibrate.  After completing a sensor it will be highlighted green to indicate that sensor was calibrated during this session. You no longer need to step through each sensor, you will be returned to the angle sensor calibration screen where you can select another sensor or complete the calibration.
- Calibration factor can be manually entered. (Weight calibration unloads can be grouped by truckload).
- Dashboard and digital display weight filter can be modified. Clearable tare will also be displayed on the digital display.

Bug Fixes

HM-781 Send Diagnostics File Pull information

HM-779 CSV import with repeated names

HM-774 uef file pull issues when old uef is present on device

HM-770 Selecting unloads on calibration page

HM-766 Virtual Joystick inconsistent visual feedback

HM-762 Datetime input on Haulmaster Connect IOS device

HM-761 Inconstant auto fill on input

HM-759 Opening the same page multiple times

HM-757 Slight graphics glitch on unloads/truckloads page

HM-661 Field, Truck, and Bin totals read 0

HM-660 Edge case when creating a truck with very low weight capacity

HM-603 Notification for failed Send Diagnostics Email

HM-601 App crashes when pulling files during send Diagnostics

HM-598 General page is cut off on iOS

HM-597 IOS 15 wifi get current SSID not working

HM-575 UEF file recovery

HM-556 Sorting Truck and Bins,

HM-555 App crashes when trying to reprogram the Thrasher

HM-538 Semi Unload Start Stop

HM-463 Prevent debug log from filling with "Auger gate state"

HM-329 Weight Alarms Volume Capacity

HM-182 Fix Autogate  close continual drive

HM-155 Virtual Joystick Continued Press

HM-135 Import from CSV crashes on Pixel 3 XL

HM-717 Remove weight from the add bin page and only display volume on bin page

HM-669 Ensure Falcon setup includes setting the serial number

HM-667 Ability to reverse load cell direction in software

HM-663 Always display bin total in bushels

HM-595 Improve unload detection delay

HM-590 Add accumulated cart weight and bushels to machine status under diagnostics page

HM-458 Change the way the send diagnostics page reports the last sync

HM-393 Import the summary report from agrimatics cloud into HM Cloud

HM-173 Be able to set the digital display to show the temporary tare point

HM-165 Metric Density

HM-142 Slave Pending Operations Warning

HM-74 Individual Sensor Calibration

HM-41 Improved email report

HM-39 Decimal point for moisture

HM-33 Make pending operations more user friendly

HM-24 Reset dashboard filter when pressing tare

HM-16 Sort farm objects by date modified

HM-13 Add decimal places for metric tonnes

HM-719 M3 added to controller for Display

HM-713 Program Merlins from app

HM-699 Change Temperature to signed

HM-676 Both Thrasher versions

HM-630 Bin percentage and color fill.

HM-621 Last unload becomes  Truckload

HM-596 Prevent Ipad from going to sleep

HM-595 Improve unload detection delay

HM-577 Manual Entry of Calibration Ratio

HM-453 Unload list reflect "clear truck" button

HM-452 Change Filtering on Digital Display

HM-206 Add serial number to controller debug logs

HM-187 Customer does not know when bin is getting full

HM-168 Remove load balance from the system

HM-96 Eeprom Cart Settings to Cloud

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