Haulmaster Connect V10.7.2 App Update

It’s recommended all Haulmaster Connect users upgrade their devices and controller. Internet connection is required on the Master Tablet to download the update.

Please visit elmersmfg.com/connect for upgrade links and instructions.

New Features

  • [HM-616] Update android api version
  • [HM-614] Add decimals to T
  • [HM-613] Steering controls add LOCKED – MANUAL – AUTO to dashboard
  • [HM-612] Ability to change from the current kg/ac to kg/ha
  • [HM-173] Clearable tare available on the digital display.
  • [HM-452] Exponential Moving Average filtering for displayed weight
  • [HM-453] Unload list reflect truckloads.
  • [HM-590] Add accumulated cart weight and bushels to machine status.
  • [HM-591] Customizable weight logging frequency.
  • [HM-594] Remove debug targets USB and Wifi.
  • [HM-524] User editable Weight Change Threshold, Send Diagnostics description, enter serial number and All download.

Bug Fixes

  • [HM-463] Stop auger gate spamming debug logs.

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