It’s recommended all Haulmaster Connect users upgrade their devices and controller. Internet connection is required on the Master Tablet to download the update.

Please visit elmersmfg.com/connect for upgrade links and instructions.

New Features

* [HM-12] Double tap for hydraulic movements in app.
* [HM-22] Auto Fold/Unfold fail alarm.
* [HM-59] Google Play Store and API 29 Update.
* [HM-75] Angle sensor and auto control warnings on dashboard.
* [HM-176] Update Xamarin Forms
* [HM-189] Set WiFi Channel
* [HM-214] Enable complete calibration with faulty sensors.
* [HM-275] Unload List update
* [HM-8] Weight calibration from previous unloads.
* [HM-11] Weight calibration instructions.
* [HM-28] Change visible cart data when offline.
* [HM-85] Unload weight alarms.
* [HM-117] Live truck weight.
* [HM-179] Adjustable steer lock high speed.
* [HM-185] Hideable unload start stop on dashboard.
* [HM-31] Virtual joystick buttons added to calibration pages.
* [HM-33] Excute pending operations if master and no pending operations queued.
* [HM-35] When all pending operations are executed successfully, return to previous page.
* [HM-45] Manual and auto unload detection start, stop control.
* [HM-47] Remove clear truck timer.
* [HM-151] Add "send diagnostic files" button to the app
* [HM-152] Save clearable tare so that it can persist through app restart
* [HM-175] Set Controller Date Time from app.
* [HM-40]  Reduce Auger Fold Movement Timeout

Bug Fixes

* [HM-25] More specific failed to claim master message.
* [HM-157] Trigger connected when DeviceConnection is true.
* [HM-177] Only update display parameter if they do not match master. Thrasher firmware for GK.
* [HM-210] Parameters timed out retry.
* [HM-184] Automatic unload controls toggable when Automatic Controls is off.
* [HM-186] IsRecieving Update Timeout.
* [HM-192] Pop to root on all pending operations executed.
* [HM-160] Added a guard on the MasterDataSyncer machine state for MasterDataState.ApplyConnection that will determine if the use.crc exists locally
* [HM-288] Digital Display Thrasher Firmware Update
* [HM-289] Reprogram Thrasher when device is unkown
* [HM-291] Change Default Settings
* [HM-294] Permit Reentry on Verify Connection
* [HM-356] Remove Firing Disconnect when Disconnected 
* [HM-449] Increase Merlin RX timeout and timeout logging. Disable constant device poll in app.
* [HM-480] Paginate Weight Calibration and Unloads pages.
* [HM-481] Import from John Deere doesn't show any options.
* [HM-483] Eeprom Corruption on Reprogram.
* [HM-486] PFW Update.

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