Haulmaster Connect V10.5.2 App Update

It’s recommended all Haulmaster Connect users upgrade their devices and controller. Internet connection is required on the Master Tablet to download the update.

Please visit elmersmfg.com/connect for upgrade links and instructions.

New Features

* [HM-12] Double tap for hydraulic movements in app.
* [HM-22] Auto Fold/Unfold fail alarm.
* [HM-59] Google Play Store and API 29 Update.
* [HM-75] Angle sensor and auto control warnings on dashboard.
* [HM-176] Update Xamarin Forms
* [HM-189] Set WiFi Channel
* [HM-214] Enable complete calibration with faulty sensors.
* [HM-275] Unload List update
* [HM-8] Weight calibration from previous unloads.
* [HM-11] Weight calibration instructions.
* [HM-28] Change visible cart data when offline.
* [HM-85] Unload weight alarms.
* [HM-117] Live truck weight.
* [HM-179] Adjustable steer lock high speed.
* [HM-185] Hideable unload start stop on dashboard.
* [HM-31] Virtual joystick buttons added to calibration pages.
* [HM-33] Excute pending operations if master and no pending operations queued.
* [HM-35] When all pending operations are executed successfully, return to previous page.
* [HM-45] Manual and auto unload detection start, stop control.
* [HM-47] Remove clear truck timer.
* [HM-151] Add "send diagnostic files" button to the app
* [HM-152] Save clearable tare so that it can persist through app restart
* [HM-175] Set Controller Date Time from app.

Bug Fixes

* [HM-25] More specific failed to claim master message.
* [HM-157] Trigger connected when DeviceConnection is true.
* [HM-177] Only update display parameter if they do not match master. Thrasher firmware for GK.
* [HM-210] Parameters timed out retry.
* [HM-184] Automatic unload controls toggable when Automatic Controls is off.
* [HM-186] IsRecieving Update Timeout.
* [HM-192] Pop to root on all pending operations executed.
* [HM-160] Added a guard on the MasterDataSyncer machine state for MasterDataState.ApplyConnection that will determine if the use.crc exists locally

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