Haulmaster Connect V10.2.1

Haulmaster Connect V10.2.1 is an important update as it resolves and improves tablet to controller communications. This version is NOT backwards compatible and requires all connected devices to be upgraded before reconnecting.

It’s recommended all Haulmaster Connect users upgrade their devices and controller. Internet connection is required on the Master Tablet to download the update.

Please visit elmersmfg.com/connect for upgrade links and instructions.

New Features

* [HM-126] Seven Segment Digital Display for side of Cart
* Support for future in-line tandem enhancements.


* [HM-115] - Add CRC check to binary files. Parameters added to controller to indicate if file send was successful.
* [HM-120] - No valid leaving transitions. Cleaned up the warning message for when the app went into a disconnected state and async transitions were still firing
* [HM-121] - WiFi Scan on disconnection for Android API 28 and older. Disconnecting abandoned ConnectionIds to recycle unused ports on the controller.
* [HM-109] - Reduce Poll Rate for certain parameters. Change poll rate sequence.
* Can now choose to ignore archived fields when importing from John Deere.
* Changed method of HM Pro harness detection to free up extra output pin.
* Added iOS global exception handler like on android.

Bug Fixes

* fixed import from John Deere pagination would only import the first 100 fields.
* [HM-133] FarmInfo disappearing. The app will by making use of flags sent from controller, resend masterfiles if they get deleted on the controller 
* [HM-144] John Deere data now contains area as AC and not HA
* [HM-115] Deserialize exception handling changed to catch all exception
* Handle Orphaned Fields and Farms

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