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Elmer's no longer manufacturers this product but if you are looking for a used grain cart cutter or need help getting parts or service contact our Support team!
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High capacity & Heavy Duty Design

handle whatever enviroment you're in

We’ve created the HaulMaster Grain Cart to be able to handle whatever environment you’re in. The Extremely Durable and Low Profile Frame provides excellent stability and clearance for combines with lower augers. As farmers, we understand the need to build a product that maximizes your time on the field.

Exclusive Tracked Undercarraiges

Increase Your payload and reduce compaction

We understand the huge benefit of having a great track system, so we’ve created our own Exclusive Tracked Undercarriage simply because there was no other undercarriage that could perform to a farmers expectations. The standard track is also our Transfer Tracks which allows you to use them on other equipment throughout the year.

Dual Auger Design


Our Dual Auger Design provides the highest capacity unloading and optimized weight balance on the grain cart to minimize tongue weights. This means you can get your product off the grain cart faster while requiring less load on your tractor.

What Makes the Haulmaster Great?


Smooth Wall Design

The smooth wall design reduces waste by giving your product no option but to roll down to the auger. This also helps the cleaning process when switching to a new crop.

large see through windows

The exclusive see through windows allows you to monitor traffic while you're on the road, plus the usual benefit of being able to the check the hopper level.

Full length cleanout

Cleanout is a breeze with a door running the full length of the horizontal auger, connected to a single cam shaft, clean out is achieved in one simple step.

pivoting auger

Unload auger can pivot from 294 cm to 457 cm, so you can adapt to any scenario.

adjustable spout

The spout pivots towards or away from the cart to direct flow of the grain when unloading into the truck.

superior reach

The vertical auger provides plenty of reach that provides ample room between the cart and the truck.

Specs & Options



2.98 m

Overall Length

10.25 m

Loading Side Height

3.39 m

Transport Height

3.88 m

Unloading Auger


Horizontal Auger


Hydraulic Remotes 3

Required Tractor HP (KW)

200 (175)

45 Years Of

Modern farming demands high quality & innovative equipment

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