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Elmer's no longer manufacturers this product but if you are looking for a used unit or need help getting parts or service contact our Support team!

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Twin Rail Header Transport

Twin Rail Header Transport has a simple, heavy duty design with operator friendly features and high speed capabilities.

Single Rail Transport

The 30 ft. Header Transports are designed for economical travel from field to field.

Whether you are changing fields or changing towns, Elmer’s transports will get you there.

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Fully adjustable clevis hitch


fully adjustable axles & header supports

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rear brake, signal lights and breakaway kit


universal tool-free brackets

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optional flex head support bracket assembly


optional macdon/john deere heel bracket

Heavy duty design with operator friendly features

Model Sizes

Electric Brakes

Two Wheel Standard (Four Wheel Optional)


4" x 8" 1/4" Main Frame


16" Highway Tires

45 Years Of

Modern farming demands high quality & innovative equipment

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