Elmer’s Releases 2300 Bushel Haulmaster


With the valuable feedback from producers, Elmer’s Manufacturing launches our biggest grain cart available, the Haulmaster 2300. 

Producers wanted a grain cart that was capable of filling a Super B while harvesting high-capacity oats and canola. By utilizing the Haulmaster 2300-bushel grain cart from Built for our Haulmaster 2000-bushel grain cart you can achieve an additional 13% capacity per load. Additionally, the Haulmaster 2300 does allow for extra surge capacity in other crop types. 

Standard Features 

The Haulmaster 2300-bushel grain cart comes with all the standard features you know and love. This includes the direct-drive Powermaster gearbox increasing driveline efficiency and removing the need for belts, drive chains, and a lower sump. Also available are large windows on the front and rear of the cart for exceptional see-through visibility. Additionally, the Haulmaster 2300 is available in 5 different colors, left-hand or right-hand auger discharge and a fully bolt together design. 


On top of all the great standard features, the Haulmaster 2300 bushel grain cart can be paired with the Haulmaster Connect wireless scale system and Haulmaster Pro hydraulic joystick control system. Paired together, this unlocks features such as Auto Gate which will close the auger gates once the desired truck weight is achieved, as well as double-tap to fold and unfold the industry’s quickest auger. Haulmaster Connect also offers in-depth data management to track unloads from various clients, fields, and bins. The Connect External Display is a great way to see the cart weight from the combine or while loading from a bin to the cart. 

Undercarriage Offering 

Elmer’s Manufacturing will offer the Haulmaster 2300 bushel grain cart on our High Capacity undercarriage. Due to the increased bushel capacity, a high capacity undercarriage was developed including mainframe, tracks, and hitch. This track system is low maintenance with oil bath hubs and minimal grease points, eliminating the need for an auto greaser. Tracks are tensioned hydraulically which reduces premature wear and allows better tracking. Our mid rollers are 16” in diameter which allows for more ground contact and reduced ground pressure while achieving 25% fewer revolutions vs. the competition. 

2300 Haulmaster Grain Cart unloading

This cart will be available for order from your local Elmer’s in October 2021 for Harvest 2022 deliveries. 

Elmer’s Manufacturing is in Southern Manitoba, Canada and is known for our products including Haulmaster grain carts, Super 7 harrows, Wolverine ditchers, Ravage bale processors and Transfer Track systems. To learn more about the Haulmaster or our other products please visit: http://elmersmfg.com or your local Elmer’s Manufacturing dealer. 

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