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Elmer’s Manufacturing is excited to announce the release of its next generation of Super 7 Harrow. Elmer’s has been at the forefront of harrow technology for the past decade since introducing the first 7-Bar Harrow to the latest solid pull arm advancements. With customer feedback at the top of mind, the Super 7 with Dynamic Ground Pressure provides a more versatile and user-friendly product for a more consistent field finish. 


  • Hydraulically controlled pivoting wheels that pivot 90 degrees to decrease the time and space needed to unfold your harrow.
  • Twenty-six inches of independent vertical motion per section which is electronically set and hydraulically actuated for better ground contouring through hills and valleys.
  • The redesigned frame and harrow sections reduce section and toolbar motion.
  • Optional Super 7 PRO to allow you to simplify your harrowing experience with a simplified tablet or ISOBUS interface for simple adjustments, steerable wheels for narrow getting through narrow field approaches, and quick actions to improve field finish.
  • Available ONLY in 70’ & 90’ Models


The New Super 7 Harrow, equipped with Dynamic Ground Pressure, is electronically set and hydraulically actuated to adapt to your field’s needs. The in-cab adjustability allows you to adjust on the go, and the Dynamic Ground Pressure system maintains constant pressure regardless of the terrain, providing you with consistent ground contact, ground pressure, and finish. Twenty-six inches of independent vertical motion on each section allows for better ground contouring and straw management through hills, valleys, and ditches. The system features a continuous adjustment range from zero to full ground pressure. 


Hydraulically controlled pivoting wheels allow the transport and field wheels to be replaced, by larger tires that pivot 90 degrees, increasing flotation and reducing the space and time needed to unfold. This improved design includes moving the wheels 5’ – 10’ closer to the hitch, contributing to reduced toolbar flex and section bounce when operating at high speeds.


Maximizing operator efficiency is the vision behind the future of Elmer’s technology. Elmer’s PRO hydraulic systems help operators maximize performance with quick actions. Elmer’s initial PRO system for the Haulmaster has allowed operators to maximize their unload experience without overcomplicating the design. Elmer’s has taken the same approach to revolutionize the Super 7 Harrow.


With Super 7 Pro, you can put any operator into the cab regardless of experience level while improving field finish and simplifying controls. Simplified field controls allow you to run at quicker speeds, covering more acres per day without compromising on field finish. The PRO option for the Super 7 Harrow adds a level of automation and control to the harrow not seen before. The PRO hydraulic manifold and controller provide several new features, which can be accessed through a tablet or ISOBUS interface. The controller also compensates for any setting drift on the pitch, tine angle and down pressure to ensure the field finish remains consistent during operation.


Ease-of-use was top of mind when developing the Super 7 PRO option. This includes the automation to auto-latch and fold down the harrow sections when entering and exiting the field mode, without input to the hydraulics and automatically phasing the tine circuit during the transition into field mode. The harrow will not transition between modes unless sensors indicate that the latches are engaged, and the wheels are in the correct position. 


Super 7 PRO includes advanced field controls, allowing you to create and store up to fifty presets. With each preset, you can choose a setting for the job and then fine-tune the tine angle, section angle and down pressure for your ideal field finish. The presets also allow for stored quick actions such as dumping straw and easier cornering at your fingertips, keeping your attention on what is happening in the field.

Example presets seen in operation:

  • Cornering (Reduced Down Pressure)
  • Straw Dump (Pitch Up & Remove Down Pressure)
  • Straw Distribution (Tines Back & Reduced Down Pressure)
  • Crop Type Settings (Wheat, Oats, etc.)
  • Application (Straw Management, Seedbed Prep, Broadcast Incorporation, ext.)
  • Soil Conditions (Wet, Dry, Clay, Sandy, Loam, ext.)


The Super 7 PRO option includes steerable wheels, improving maneuverability in transport mode over fixed transport positions. The wheels are controlled together through software, allowing you to easily guide the harrow around obstacles and through narrow-field approaches.


Finally, the Super 7 Harrow is equipped with a hydraulic override for each valve, ensuring that the harrow is always operational, even in the event of an electrical failure on the harrow or tractor. The harrow can be adjusted for field operation, put into the field, or transport mode. It’s important to note that the backup systems should only be operated with the harrow fully hitched to the tractor. Failing to do so may damage the harrow and result in serious injury while trying to operate valves.

The design process for the Super 7 with Dynamic Ground Pressure included hundreds of hours of testing with producers across western Canada to ensure the harrow gives the operator the absolute best tools to maximize their harvest. The Super 7 equipped with Dynamic Ground Pressure is pushing innovation in the harrow market and, with these new features, will get the opportunity to go even further.

The Super 7 Harrow will be available for viewing at Ag in Motion, 15 minutes Northwest of Saskatoon.

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