Connect Update v7.4

Changelog for Haulmaster Connect V7.4.0 Update

Visit to update.

### Version 7.4.000 New Features

       – Allow unload filtering by field

       – Ability to set Max Duty cycle (hydraulic flow rate) from app for pivot and gate

       – False gate open/close won’t display under 1%

       – Allow unload filtering by crop

       – Apply filtering to the app dashboard live weight reading value

       – New splash screen and app icon

       – Update look of unload list and navigation bar colors

### Version 7.4.00 Improvements

       – Prevent 0 for truck/bin weight/volume

       – Can now create new crop with default values

       – Can no longer delete the active (currently selected) truck, bin, and crop

       – X Spout no longer locked out when fold position is less than active fold position threshold

       – Add Auger Hours to Diagnostics>Parameters Readings page

### Bugs fixes from 6.5.0 to version 7.4.00

       – Calibration Ratio changed using Certified and Uncertified weight on power cycle.

       – Joystick button status does not update correctly in diagnostic screen

       – Lenovo tablets show “<UNKNOWN SSID>” instead of the cart’s Wi-Fi name on the dashboard

       – No ID for truck, crop, bin, field in the email export

       – Truckload List Weights in KG when BU selected

       – Joystick ‘Learn More’ causes app to crash when returning

       – Wifi toggle crash view only

       – Syncing to view only does not work correctly for manual unloads

       – Cannot claim master mode after disconnect

       – Active values inconsistent when updated with multiple tablets

       – App crashing at startup failing to deserialize unloads

       – ID generation fails for pending commands

       – Field Id reused after deleting field.

       – Dashboard Accumulated Weights not updating if no master is connected

       – Deleted field removes all unloads from Unload List screen.

       – Unloads with deleted fields have default name in unload list

       – Virtual Joystick continues to actuate auger when page inactive

       – Incorrect Master Mode indication

       – Problems obtaining master mode connection

       – Master Mode retained when disconnecting

       – Farm Info changes do not sync to View Only

       – Editing Active objects don’t update dashboard

       – In limp home mode, fold waits for spout z to be home, but does not drive z home

       – Auger auto-fold/unfold incorrect behavior after being blocked

       – Incorrect Master Mode indication

       – Problems obtaining master mode connection

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