Bean Cutter

Elmers Bean Cutter gives your beans the best environment to grow while not negatively impacting their current state.


  • Front mount quick hitch
  • Proven no-maintenance nylon bushings eliminate greasing
  • Smaller tractors can be equipped with front and rear mount combinations for large cutters
  • Optional lift assist wheels for front mount cutters
  • Available in various sizes and widths
  • Down pressure springs on each knife allow each row to be adjusted individually
  • Staggered high-clearance knife arms are mounted on a 7×7 tool bar for superior flow of heavy crops
  • Individual gaage wheels on the knife arm adjust easily for proper cutting depth
  • Floating roller vine dividers gently pull vines apart. Infinite pitch adjustment of each divider head is quickly achieved by the individual turnbuckle
  • Optional heavy duty steel guide wheels guide the cutter and tractor for virtually hands-free bean cutting