2020 Wolverine Ditcher Updates


For the 2020 release of the Wolverine, we have focused on adopting customer suggestions to improve the build quality and long-term durability of our ditcher. The suggestions we’ve addressed include; improving the chaincase design to improve sealing and to reduce water intrusion, increasing the life span of the chaincase oil and components; increasing visibility and durability of the gate indicator with an extended, bolt-on indicator; and re-positioning the PTO holder to ease transportation and storage while providing increased clearance for tractors with quick connect three-point hitches. For More Information on the updates:

Improved Gearbox Side Chain Case Seal Plate

  • A new gearbox side sealing plate with a bolt-on flange extending the entire way around the chaincase reduces water intrusion and eases installation and removal.  

Bolt-on Gate Indicator

  • The new indicator has over 2x the material through the bend for superior strength and is 6” longer for increased visibility.

Redesigned PTO holder tube

  • Mounted the PTO holder tube further back for increased clearance between the PTO holder and three-point hitches.

Additional Updates

Modified GPS Mount Plate

  • Increased strength of the plate and added an additional bolt pattern to accommodate more GPS systems.

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