2020 Ravage Bale Processor Updates


With the 2020 Ravage Bale Processor Elmer’s has an increased focus on improving design quality, strengthening critical components and easing usability. We thank our customers for the valuable feedback that we received after the 2019 release, which has helped shape the 2020 updates.

Hydraulic Hose Plumbing – Retrofit Possible (With Cutting & Welding)

  • Enlarged cutouts and with hose clamps to secure the hoses to the body of the processor ensuring that they do not dangle or get damaged. This eliminated the need for cable ties that become brittle over time.

Chain down points – Not Recommended for Retrofit

  • The chain down points is an addition to the bale processor to make securing the machine easier and safer when transporting the machine on a flat deck trailer.

PTO Holder and Lower Gearbox Weldment – Retrofit Available

  • Secures the hydraulic hoses into the PTO holder at the front of the Ravage ensuring that they don’t drag or get damaged during transport.

PTO Cover – Retrofit Available

  • The cover now opens downward to allow for easy greasing and access to the driveline for easier maintenance and cleaning.

Heavy Duty Jack – Retrofit Available (Drilling Required)

The heavy-duty jack ensures that the bale processor will be stable during hook up and keeps it stable during transportation and storage.

Standard Hydraulic Configuration – Conversion Available

  • The 2020 Ravage utilizes 4 sets of hydraulics, eliminating the need for the electric toggle switch. If required, we offer an electrical valve kit to convert the hydraulics to 3 sets with an electric toggle switch for inside the tractor cab.

Bale supports – Not Recommended for Retrofit

The bale supports offer superior control when handling large round bales or multiple square bales.

Additional Updates:

  • Updated Bushings in the fork arms and discharge door. – Retrofit Available
  • Updated Flail hardware – Not recommended for Retrofit
  • Grommets for electrical wiring – Not recommended for Retrofit

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