2020 Haulmaster Grain Cart Updates


For the 2020 release of the Haulmaster Grain Cart, Elmer’s has focused on superior longevity, beefing up critical components, improving the design quality, reduced downtime and safer transportation. These are the key areas that have been updated or redesigned on the 2020 Haulmaster:

Lower Auger Drainage – Not Retro-Fittable

  • Increased the size of the cut out to allow for cleaning out of chaff build-up.

Field Rest – Retrofit available

  • The field rest bracket for the upper auger shortens the amount of time required to fold and unfold the auger when operating in the field as well as reduces stress the early part of the lift puts on the auger. The field rest also allows for the auger to be positioned in a way that will avoid contact with the tires in a tighter turn.

Improved Gate Indicator – Not Retro-Fittable

  • Redesigned the gate indicator system to have tighter tolerances and more accurate.

Improved Tarp Brace Mounts – Retrofit available

  • New tarp brace mount design increases durability by allowing for less tarp contact by making the bolts flush, reducing wear on the tarp. (old & New for Reference)

Tarp Hood Lip – Not Retro-Fittable

  • A lip was added to the front tarp hood to prevent wind from lifting the tarp providing better protection against the elements.

Additional Tie-Down Points on the Underside of the Cart– Not Retro-Fittable

  • Added additional tie-down points forward of the axle, added decals to show their location.

Stronger Auger Guide Rail Mounting– Not Retro-Fittable

  • Added a bolt to eliminate the visible gap and allow for a tighter, stronger fit against the front panels.

Outer Supports – Not Retro-Fittable

  • Outer supports are made from 2 pieces instead of 3 to increase strength and improve aesthetics.

Stronger Grates and Grate Mounts – Retrofit Available

  • Numerous changes to the grates were made to increase the strength and durability of the entire cart. The lower cross tube size was increased as well going from a two-bolt design to a four-bolt mounting design, increasing stiffness of the tube, grates and overall tank strength.

Wheels Wells – Not Retro-Fittable

  • Peaks were added to the wheel wells to decrease crop hang-up.

Additional Updates

Fold Pin – Retrofit in Progress
  • Bushings were replaced for a thicker wall and flangeless design.
Upper Flighting – Retrofit available
  • Extended vertical auger flighting 4” to improve cleanout and reduce spillage.
PTO Holder – Retrofit available
  • Increased strength
App Improvements – Tablet Update Available
Tarp Spring Quality – Retrofit available
  • The supplier changed to stainless steel components to prevent corrosion.
Tarp Thickness – Retrofit available
  • Increased from 18oz to 20oz, adding additional strips at locations of contact.
Handle mount – Retrofit available
  • Added additional handle mount for use when the tarp is open.
Extension Tarp protectors – Retrofit in Progress
  • Plastic protectors were added to the 1300 and 2000 extensions to protect the extensions from scratches from the tarp.
Front Drag Auger – Retrofit available
  • The front of the drag auger will have a thicker section that will be chrome-plated, increasing durability and cleanout.

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