2019 Wolverine Ditcher Updates


For the 2019 release of the Wolverine Ditcher, Elmer’s has focused on superior longevity, beefing up critical components, improving design quality, reduced downtime and safer transportation. These are the key areas that have been updated or redesigned on the Wolverine:

Plastic Gate Slide – Not Recommended for Retrofit

  • The plastic gate slide reduces friction allowing for smoother gate motion resulting in superior side to side discharge for maximum control.

Upgraded Break Away Paddles – Upgrade Kit Available

  • Upgraded paddle design increases wear component life if the shear bolt breaks, eliminating the concern of unknowingly running with a broken shear bolt. If a shear bolt breaks the paddle has kicked out a massive rock or large object, there may be a noticeable interruption in the throw pattern, and they may experience increased vibration due to the fan being unbalanced.

PTO Shaft Holder – Retrofit Available

  • The PTO shaft holder height is adjustable to allow for clearance for pickup truck tailgates or quick-connect 3-point tractor hitches. It eliminates the need to remove and later realigning the front half of the PTO shaft for transport.

Hydraulic Hose Holder & Guides- Not Recommended for Retrofit

  • It locks the hydraulic hoses into the side plate of the ditcher to ensure that they do not drag or get damaged during transport. The new design keeps the hose ends cleaner and minimizes dirt in the hydraulic system.

Right Side Split Chute – Retrofit Available

  •  Split chute has been designed so that when transporting or shipping the Wolverine Ditcher it will no longer be a “Wide Load” implement and can now fit into shipping containers with minimal disassembly.

Spare Parts Kit – Kit Available

  • Includes four fan paddle shear bolts and four kicker paddle bolts, keeping them close at hand for quick resetting of the paddles in the field.

Narrow Stance Kit – Retrofit Available

  • The Narrow Stance Kit has the wheels set in directly behind the ditcher, allowing for steeper angle ditches and allowing the ditcher to stay within the parameters of the waterway.

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