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One tool to cut and spread dirt

maximize your water management window

The Wolverine Ditcher combines the cutting power of an ag scraper with the dirt distribution of a rotary ditcher to get your water management work done in much less time and in year-round conditions without compromising on quality.

Adjustable left or right discharge

put the soil where you need it

Having the ability to discharge dirt on either side, allowing operators to cut ditches in both directions and up to 150ft gives you on-the-go adjustability to evenly spread the dirt where you want it.

improved water management

no need to drop and integrate soil

Eliminating the need to scrape, drop the dirt and then integrate it into the soil, the Wolverine Ditcher provides a similar finish to an ag scraper in a significantly shorter amount of time, reduced field compaction and much less pulling resistance.

 “We have noticed better water movement with the Wolverine and that our soil health has been improving since we have been using it.” 

Manitoba Farmer

why does a flat cutting surface matter?

The Wolverine Ditcher can provide smooth, tapered cuts like a Scraper but without the need to leave the ditch and integrate it into the soil. The ditch it can create develops much more farmable area that's easier on equipment and can hold twice as much water volume making it the ideal water management tool.

Wolverine Ditch

Rotary Ditch


1000 ft Ditch

0 FT³

15' Wide x 5' Flat x 6" deep = 5 FT³

1000 ft Ditch

0 FT³

36" Wide x 12" Deep = 2.35 FT³

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