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Simplified controls & data Management

Get back to your harvester faster

Keep your combines running more consistently and get back to your harvesters quicker. Unload your grain cart faster with the Haulmaster Direct Drive Gearbox, Dual Auger Design and Double Tap for Auger unfold.

More Control and Less Strain


Spend more time in the tractor cab and less time doing maintenance. The bolt together design, easy to reach maintenance points and full time support staff are keys to maximize your harvest window.


Make training new operators a breeze


Haulmaster CONNECT and PRO combine for an easy-to-use hub for your field information. The simplified joystick-controlled hydraulic system improves operator control and reduce errors.
I’ve now just got the one joystick with all the buttons and all the bells and whistles, all on the handpiece. The whole machine works off this joystick. It will turn the cart off when the specific weight is required. It seems to be very easy to use – surprisingly accurate that then makes loading trucks a lot better. You know exactly what you're doing all the time.

David B.

Clearbell farms llc, Maryland
We have been looking at a new chaser bin for a while – a tandem axle machine that could improve the wear on the tractor, runs smooth and with less fatigue on the bin. It's important to have a good quality chaser in our operation, with reliability, speed, efficiency and easy use. The Weigh-scales are connected through WiFi to a tablet in the cab, which makes it handy to know what volume is coming off the paddock.

Austrailian Farmer



Tracks reduce soil compaction and minimize damage to the field by distributing the weight of the equipment over a larger surface area. It allows earlier entry into fields, even in wet or muddy conditions, resulting in a more timely and efficient harvesting. 


High-quality tires improve efficiency and reduce operating costs in the field. It offers versatile and stable traction, suitable for a range of applications and soil conditions. Compared to tracks, tires offer a lower initial cost and require less maintenance.


Tandems offer improved performance and reduced soil compaction through greater stability, maneuverability and weight distribution. The even weight distribution of in-line tandems also helps to reduce wear and tear, resulting in longer equipment life and lower maintenance costs.


Haulmaster CONNECT is a simplified, grain cart focused, hub and brain of all electronic features. A controller on the cart connects the Scales, GPS and Haulmaster PRO to the operator using the supplied tablet.
Settings and data stored on the controller, reducing liability in the event of tablet failure
Direct connection co scales for accurate reading and scale diagnostics
Detailed load tracking (crop, field, truck, bin)
No battery required
GPS load taggings
Multiple tablet connections (cart, truck, combine)
Export load data to email
Includes tablet, window mount and charger for a turnkey solution
Haulmaster Connect Package
Haulmaster PRO was developed with the vision of allowing the operator to maximize their unload experience without overcomplicating the design. The more efficient the operator is at unloading, the quicker they can get to the next combine.
Industry-leading adaptive auger fold/unfold speed
Double tap to fold/unfold auger
Joystick with proportional spout control
4-Way Spout
Auto spout return to center on auger fold
Auto gate glose at 3MPH, reducing liability of leaving gate open
Auto gate close at predefined truck weight
Simple connection with 1 hydraulic input and 7-pin plug power
Includes Haulmaster CONNECT
Haulmaster Pro Joystick diagram

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